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Wheel Balancing Bob Jane T-Marts

Wheel Balancing

Does your steering wheel vibrate? Are your tyres too noisy? Have you replaced or rotated your tyres recently?

You may be one of thousands of motorists who require a wheel balance.

The wheel balancing system used by Bob Jane T-Marts is technologically advanced to provide the optimum wheel balance for your vehicle.

Unbalanced wheels can cause

Driver fatigue from steering wheel and seat vibrations

Premature tyre wear

Increased fuel consumption

Premature wear of steering, chassis and suspension components

Can you remember how comfortable and quiet your car was when it was new?

That was because the wheels were fitted using professional balancing procedures, at the factory, before delivery of your vehicle. We offer the same balancing services in store, to increase your family's safety and your driving enjoyment.

Balancing your wheel and tyre assemblies, is essential for safe driving. Only perfectly balanced wheels will give you the assurance that you can keep control of your vehicle even when things get critical.

If you are unsure whether your wheels need balancing, call your nearest Bob T-Marts to book in for a free tyre inspection today!

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