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Tyrecycle helps turn your old tyres into repurposed products!

Bob Jane T-Marts is committed to caring for the environment by ensuring the correct disposal of all our old tyres. When you purchase new tyres with us we are proud to arrange the environmentally sound disposal of your old tyres at no additional cost to you.

We engage a third-party operator who disposes of your tyres in accordance with environmental and government regulations - Tyrecycle, Australia’s oldest and largest recycler of waste tyres and conveyor belts.

Tyrecycle processes your old tyres into useful products for various applications. The number of modern applications that now utilise the crumb from recycled tyres is ever increasing.

What Is The Rubber Used For?

Rubber crumb, the recycled rubber from automotive tyres, is used in a range of innovative applications across Australia, including:

  • Road surfacing

  • Tile adhesives

  • Brake pads

  • Playground surfaces

  • Athletics tracks

  • Fuel for energy recovery

  • Building insulation

  • Sporting surfaces

  • Matting surfaces

  • Horse arenas

  • Marine non-slip surfaces

  • New tyre manufacture

  • Civil Engineering applications

For more information and to learn more about the recycling of your tyres please visit Tyrecycle

Playground surfaces
Road surfacing
Horse arenas
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