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Fuel Efficient, Eco-Friendly Tyres Overview

August 31, 2018
Fuel Efficient, Eco-Friendly Tyres Overview

Eco-friendly tyres offer reduced fuel consumption, and therefore, less CO2 emissions are generated by your car. This is achieved by lowering the rolling resistance of the tyre through the materials the tyre is made from.

More often than not, eco-friendly tyres will be partly made from recycled materials, making them a more environmentally sustainable option to ‘standard’ tyres.

Most of the world’s top tyre manufacturers offer a range of eco-friendly tyres for you to choose from.

Eco-Friendly Tyre Brands



With its Energy Saver label, Michelin promises a level of energy efficiency among the highest in the market and reduced CO2 emissions, while maintaining all the legendary Michelin advantages of long wear, safety and other performances.



Utilizing global research capabilities and cutting-edge technology, Bridgestone has created a lower rolling resistance tyre that maintains the high quality and safety standards the Bridgestone is renowned for.

The lower rolling resistance of the Ecopia tyres is designed to improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency and reduces the amount of CO2 emitted into the environment.

Learn more about the Bridgestone Ecopia range today!



Developed to offer road holding on wet and dry roads, driving comfort and a longer life, the Cinturato family stands out for its low environmental impact. It combines traditional performance and superb safety with the new environmental features of the "Green Performance" philosophy.

The use of new eco-friendly materials and the lower rolling resistance are made to help reduce the vehicles CO2 emissions.

Learn more about the Pirelli Cinturato range today!



Yokohama has discovered a new tyre technology that combines orange oil extracted with fine silica. This break-through eliminates a significant amount of the petroleum-based products normally used in tyre manufacturing while assisting in better fuel economy by reducing rolling resistance up to 20 percent.

Besides orange oil, Yokohama has developed the AIRTEX™ Advanced Liner - designed to reduce the amount of air seeping from the tyre in their range of eco-friendly BluEarth tyres. Maintaining appropriate inflation levels is crucial because under-inflated tyres require more power, thus using more fuel.

Learn more about the Yokohama BluEarth range today!



Kinergy eco’s Fuel Saving Technology was developed by combining new materials, such as nano-scale silica particles, using new mixing technology. These technologies help improve both fuel efficiency and wet braking performance.

To find which eco-friendly tyre is right for you, use our Eco Tyre Finder or contact your local Bob Jane T-Marts for the expert advice you need today.

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